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Agency of Freelancers

We Are Almost Ready for Launch in September

Massively scraped, automatically filtered and then hand picked, each skill tested and rated developers.
Mostly from Eastern-Europe, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania etc. where is the best quality vs cost ratio in the Europe & Asia.





Great time tracking

8yrs of experience with remote teams. Best tools for monitoring combined + our own codebase for max. accurate remote monitoring inc. screenshots, keyb/mouse activity, app/website usage and no cheating possible even for experienced coders!

Quick filtering the best

Do you need at least 9pts out of 10 and 10+ yrs experienced PHP/Laravel dev who's also at least 6pts in NodeJs and hourly rate is less than $25? Sounds impossible? Well, that's what we do - we have in database currently 1500+ great freelancers.

Unique platform for PMs

The only platform for Project Managers that exist. Project managers take customers' low balled project description, work out proper spec, draw prototype, analyse the market etc. Then pick exactly the right devs with customer and make sure the projects won't fail.